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An opportunity that opened her eyes: Shriya Bhattacharya’s Summer experience

During the summer I was working as a research intern for Agnes Scott’s Center for Sustainability and was also interning for a non-profit organization called The Mendez Foundation in midtown Atlanta.


One of the most exciting things I did was the Bridge to Business program during the last few weeks of my summer vacation and I loved it! The Women’s Bridge to Business program is a three-week intensive business course created by Agnes Scott College and the Georgia Institute of Technology to teach Agnes women essential business skills and encourage them to pursue business related occupations. The classes took place at Georgia Tech’s Scheller School of Business and consisted of a variety of courses such as Personal Finance, Project Management, Business Law, Accounting, Investments, and much more! The professors were both from Agnes Scott and Georgia Tech. An alumnae panel of past Bridge to Business students was arranged so that students could interact with women who had done the program and hear about how they conquered the business world after graduating. Students also got to visit Turner Broadcasting Studios to talk with Turner employees and were given tours of the studios and the command centers of stations such as Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, etc. The program definitely opened my eyes to the multiple opportunities available in the corporate world and gave me a much better understanding of how these skills will help me no matter what industry I join.

Hear about Peace Grace’s Summer experience!

 It was just in January that I received good news about my great internship back home in Rwanda. My heart full of joy I called my sister and told her that just in May 2016 I will be home. I was not only excited that I was going to see my family and friends again, but also happy to kick-off my summer with such a great internship in my government.

“The Office of Government Spokesperson of Rwanda” accepted me as their intern and gave me a place to learn and develop my knowledge in their working space. At first, I was a little bit confused, because I did not really know what my role as an intern was going to be (but I was down for anything). However, when I started, they gave me the best supervisor ever! He was in charge of communication and the media platform of this office.  He helped me explore his side of job, taught me to be a good tweep, assigned me to write stories for the government site, and trusted me with high level assignments that included creating a media platform for the African Union Summit, writing sample tweets for the summit, and taking me to every important meeting that he would go to. As I improved my knowledge on how to conduct myself and work in the communication and media department, I was given a chance to explore different department of the office of Government Spokes-Person. I was assigned to work with team that was organizing the 27th African Union Summit that took place in Kigali this Summer. This gave me a chance to learn how to organize such a big international summit, how to handle the press (all the journalists who attended the AU Summit) and mainly what it means to create important diplomat connections that might help me in the future.

img_2802While in Rwanda, I was also blessed to meet another Scottie. Her name is Sandrine and she is Rwandan! I did not know that someone from my country ever graduated from Agnes Scott, however, this made me feel that I was simply blessed to be part of such a great college that produced someone successful like Sandrine who is making great impact in her community and serving her great Nation.

My summer, ended up to be busy but productive, I did not just spend time doing my internship job, I also made sure that I gave my family and friends time to hang out. So far, as an international student at Agnes Scott, I believe that I could not get the best experience out of my internship if it was not from what I learned in my leadership class that mainly focused on Social media and communication. I could not have succeeded if It wasn’t for the Internship conduct tips that I received in Agnes Scott. I believe in grabbing every opportunity that I see around me, and use them effectively to succeed everywhere.

To you all International Scotties, there are so many opportunities here at Agnes Scott College, don’t take them for granted, use them to create the person that you want to become in the future. Every little thing that is available on campus, from the Writing center, to the science center, from Hire a Scottie to Hot off Press emails, use them and make the best out of them. I just  can’t wait to hear from your successful Summer experiences  a year from now!

“Oh the things you can find…”

“… If you don’t stay behind” (Dr. Seuss)

Spring is an exciting season at Agnes Scott for many reasons. For our first-year class, it is the time of their global trips as a part of Summit’s global curriculum. Visit this LINK to learn all the details about your Summit experience while at Agnes Scott.

I asked some of the current international first-year Scotties to share their reflections from the trips:

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Evie Wang ’19 (China): My Summit class went to New York to explore different aspects of performance. The main takeaway for me is that art is ubiquitous – I found it in the Renaissance paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the busker’s performance in Times Square subway station, in the stained glass windows in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and in the silhouette of skyscrapers on Fifth Avenue. I came back from New York with a new understanding of diversity: it is more than just identity; it is about ideas as well. As an international student, I am glad that I contribute to Agnes Scott’s diversity not only because of my nationality, but also my unique viewpoints, and I like the fact that different opinions are equally respected on this campus just like how diversity is embraced in New York.



Juni Lie ’19 (Norway): As a part of the SUMMIT Journeys program, I went to Nicaragua with 22 other Scotties. We went to visit three different nonprofit organizations that were mainly led by women. Apart from looking at how the different nonprofit organizations worked, we did a lot of reflection on how to be a mindful traveler. Being a mindful traveler can mean different things to different people, but we focused a lot on environmental sustainability by taking measures like minimizing water use, not using bottled water and turning off lights and air conditioning when not in the room. We also reflected upon how to have meaningful interactions with Nicaraguan people by being a courteous and positive guest. Apart from the interesting and challenging academic program, I greatly enjoyed getting to know other Scotties – the entire group grew much closer during the trip and I formed new friendships! One of the things I’ll definitely remember for a long time was the clear night sky in Granada. Each night a group of us would gather on the roof terrace of our hotel to stargaze; we even saw shooting stars. All in all the Journey to Nicaragua was a positive and enriching learning experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again if I had the chance!


hai lun chang

Hai Lun Chang ’19 (Taiwan): For the first year trip, I went to Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the United States in the Caribbean though with a totally different culture from the U.S. The focus of this trip was extensive: multiple cultures, social justice, environmental conservation, history and religion. There were so many things that are valuable to me but I was most impressed by the people’s awareness of protecting their ecological habitats. Even though their environmental conditions are still well conserved compared to most contaminated cities in many countries, Puerto Ricans care deeply about protecting their environment; for example a local nonprofit organization (which we volunteered for) has been recovering a mangrove habitat for years from planting mangrove’s seeds to transplanting plants to the wetland. Impressed by the determination of the local people in Puerto Rico, I became inspired to learn about environmental situation in my country and to look for opportunities to contribute to my country’s environmental conservation projects.

The Summit trips caught media attention, too! Check out an article in the DeKalb Neighbor and a story from Fox 5 Atlanta. Also, I encourage you to visit the GLOBAL ASC 2016 Facebook page to explore other pictures and reflections that Scotties posted during their trips.

Where would you like Summit to take YOU?

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