Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone!

It is so exciting to be back at Agnes Scott and back with you as you explore, apply to and (hopefully) visit or move onto campus one day. My name is Karolina, and I am the International Fellow in the Office of Admission at Agnes Scott. I have posted for you since last year on my previous blog and I would like to thank you for moving with me to this location now. Feel free to message me and leave comments or questions under the posts. I look forward to hearing from you.

We have just finished Orientation for our new Scotties (first years, international, exchange and transfer students) and started the first days of classes this week. It seems like everyone has had a great and restful summer. I definitely did myself, travelling around Europe. My most memorable experience was the Agnes Scott faculty-led program to Spain. Together with a group of 19 Scotties, a study abroad coordinator from the Office of International Education and a professor from the Spanish Department at Agnes Scott, I spent five weeks living with a host family, studying language in the University of Oviedo and exploring this beautiful country. I hope this gives you a tiny clue about the variety of opportunities offered at Agnes.

flat agnes spain
Trip to Madrid and an adventure on a boat with “flat agnes” at Parque del Reitro

Although I was sad about leaving Spain, I returned to a campus full of energy and enthusiasm of the new students. It was especially exiting to welcome my fellow international students. I was in their shoes not so long ago, and seeing them moving in and finding themselves more and more comfortable was very special. I think they enjoyed that first week, too.

Welcome to Agnes Scott College
moving in
After travelling for many hours, they finally arrived!
weather surprise
Atlanta weather is sometimes unpredictable.
atl trip
First trip to Atlanta
Visiting the CNN station
Getting to know the American school system at  the Agnes Scott Center for Writing and Speaking
International students at Agnes Scott = happy students

Imagine, one day you can be one of these students. I look forward to hearing your questions or comments. Please, feel free to use me as a resource in your application process. Good luck!

Karolina Klimczak ’16

Office of Admission International Fellow



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