“Find Your Answer”

It’s time for another great post from one of the Team Global members at Agnes Scott who takes care of all the prospective international students. This time, Varsha Thebo, a second year from Pakistan leads us through her college search journey. Special thanks to: Federica Marinosky’18 from Italy for reading in the video, Center for Student Engagement and Office of International Education for the pictures.


You know how sometimes, when someone asks you, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you start rummaging your brain for the perfect answer. But some questions, I feel like do not have an answer. I mean, after all, what kind of question it is if it has an answer. Do not mind me; I am taking philosophy courses this semester. Yeah, so I was talking about questions and answers. When I questioned myself where I want to be to learn, what I want to learn, all the answers in terms of college options were circling inside my head and I could not pick one. The State Department scholarship program, through which I applied, made it easier for me. Based on my interests, they thought that Agnes Scott College was the perfect fit for me. Like many of you, I had my bag of doubts. Is it going to be good enough for me? Are the people nice? Do they smile? Will they talk to me? I come from Pakistan and we do not really have a good image around the world. Would it matter there? Will I have friends? And a million other questions. From reading everything I laid my eyes on about the college to spending hours fretting over how I will adjust in an all women’s college, I started packing for what then seemed like a mysterious college journey. Today, I exchange tons of smiles everyday with all the beautiful people around on campus.

Now if you were to ask me about the best thing that has ever happened to me, I would say it is my college!


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