Fall Break 2014 at Agnes Scott

Every October, Scotties celebrate the end of midterm exams taking two days off school. Check out some great opportunities the students had a chance to participate in this year.

Varsha Thebo ’17 from Pakistan: On the last day of the Fall Break I participated in the annual event Stone Mountain Hike with the amazing Wasfia Nazreen, wonderful President Kiss and smart fellow Scotties!

Wasfia Nazreen graduated from Agnes Scott in 2007. She is a mountaineer and prominent female activist from Bangladesh, a social worker, and a writer. In 2011, Wasfia launched the “Bangladesh on Seven Summits” campaign to celebrate the progress of Bangladeshi women and embarked on a journey to climb the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. (Agnes Scott College official website)

summit 4

The first time Wasfia saw the hula hoop when she was 8 years old. She tried to copy the child that she saw playing with hula hoop when her aunt scolded her and said: “Only the bad women shake their hips.” Wasfia carried that comment with her and decided to take a hula hoop on every summit she climbed and do hula hoop at the end of every climb.
summit 1

After the hike we went to have dinner with Wasfia. Here she is posing with us, a group of students from South Asia at Agnes Scott. It was the best way to end the Fall Break!


Lulu Liu ’15 from China participated in the annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K with a group of Scotties. What a great way to join an important cause and stay active!

aid walk 3

aid walk 1

Some students engaged in the community work with the organization Stop Hunger Now Atlanta. One of their projects was to pack a pallet of meals to be sent to Haiti.

fall break alternative

Others traveled, visited homes, slept a lot and caught up with homework. It was a time well spent for everyone!


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