Celebrating Cultures Globally at Agnes Scott

Students at Agnes Scott come from all kinds of backgrounds and enrich our community with diverse cultures and traditions. Every year, a one whole week is dedicated solely to celebrating our differences. It’s called Diversifest. The following are only several events that took place during this year’s Diversifest.


Varsha Thebo from Pakistan, class of 2017 reports about Diwali:

It’s that time of the year again! Diwali: one of the most awaited events for Scotties in general but a bit more special for South Asians on campus like myself. The reason being that we get to do ALL those Bollywood dances with gorgeous costumes provided by the Masala Sace Club on campus. Desi Dances, desi dresses, AND desi food…what more could a South Asian ask for! Every year we share the proceeds with any organization that works for the cause of women development. This year we proudly sent our proceeds to the Malala Fund to help educate young girls around the globe.

Diwali8diwali1diwali4 diwali7 diwali10 diwali11diwali12 diwali13

Do you celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October in your country? It is a big tradition in the United States and everyone, including adults and children like to participates in different activities on that day. Varsha was active in Halloween on campus and judging on the description she is sharing with us, she had a lot of fun:

Halloween at ASC: Haunted Theme House!

The line above pretty much said everything. I don’t need to explain it further mainly because words won’t do justice to whatever I try to explain/write…but the pictures certainly will.
So here they are, our Agnes vampires and zombies gearing up to bring an apocalypse and take over the world!


Día de los Muertos


Eid Festival


What tradition would you bring to Agnes Scott?

Thank you to Center for Student Engagement and Varsha Thebo for pictures.


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