Happy December Holidays at Agnes Scott

Fall semester is coming to an end! It’s been almost four months of hard school work, applying for study abroad programs or internships as well as celebrations and fun times. This week, students at Agnes Scott prepare to take final exams and take off to different destinations for Winter Break. In the midst of all these activities, it’s important to take some time and celebrate each others’ cultures through different festivities.

As an international student at Agnes Scott, I feel very well taken care off, especially around holiday season.  Every year, Agnes Scott’s president Elizabeth Kiss, organizes a Christmas Tree Decorating Party for all the international students and the Office of International Education. Although some of us come from places where the tradition of decorating a tree isn’t common, everyone enjoys gathering together in President Kiss’s house to have great conversation, eat delicious treats and admire beautiful Christmas ornaments that President Kiss has been collecting over the years. It’s a little celebration that feels like home away from home to us.

President Kiss
President Kiss representing the colors of Agnes Scott in her purple Santa Claus hat.
Some ornaments are really unique!
decorating Xmas tree
President Kiss (to the far right) and Dr. Lund, the Dean for International Education (to the far left) with current international students.
Christmas Tree at President Kiss
Christmas Tree 2014

Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December. Students at Agnes Scott remember about other traditions like Hanukkah and Kwanza.

Hanukkah workshop
Everyone at Agnes Scott had a chance to participate in a workshop about Hanukkah.
Kwanzaa was another tradition celebrated at Agnes Scott.

The Center for Student Engagement at Agnes Scott coordinated a Holiday Rock 2014 party for all the students to take a break from studying, listen to music, play games, work on arts and crafts and just enjoy each other’s company.

holiday rock party
Students could make photo frames and use them for example as holiday gifts for their roommates!
making blankets for pets
We couldn’t forget about animals without homes who will be spending winter in the shelters. Here students are making warm and cozy blankets for pets.
ginger bread house
Something sweet and cute- a gingerbread house.
Nothing would be possible without these wonderful ladies from the Center for Student Engagement. Check out their festive attire!

The last event that everyone will definitely remember was President’s Annual Dinner. Our dining hall was beautifully decorated and the food was just amazing! Some of the traditional dishes served were: corn bread pudding, hash browns, vegetarian hot pie, glazed sweet potatoes, honey glazed ham, turkey, apple and cranberry sauce. Mmm…

The Christmas tree looked splendid!
Every year, students are looking so much forward to this special dinner.
Christmas cookies couldn’t be missing!
senior table
The dining hall is rarely so full.
xmas scottie
Our mascot, the Scottie dog had a difficult (but fun) task of taking a selfie with everyone.
xmas presidents dinner
Here, some of the exchange students make sure to be photographed with the Scottie.
xmas dinner
President Kiss (to the left) and Dean Lee (to the right) were amazing hosts .

beautiful dinning hallThank you everyone for following the blog this semester. Team GLOBAL will be back to post about more events at Agnes Scott next year. If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to your admission counselor or to admission@agnesscott.edu.

Happy holidays everyone!

Karolina Klimczak’16

The International Fellow


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