Sisterhood of the Black Ring Mafia

Last weekend, we celebrated one of the oldest traditions at Agnes Scott, the Sophomore Ring Ceremony, which officially marks membership to the community at Agnes Scott. During this ceremony, sophomores receive the legendary Black Onyx Rings. Miller Lansing is one of the Scotties who joined the Black Ring Mafia this year. She started preparing for this special event early with a countdown on her Facebook page and wanted to share with everyone what she loves most about Agnes Scott. Check out the insightful descriptions of Miller’s experience as a Scottie:



SEVEN DAYS – Seven Dance Technique Courses (and more, including Labanotation)
The dance company on campus, Studio Dance Theatre, is one of the first places that began to make me feel like I had chosen the right school. I became a part of a group of talented women and under amazing leadership, and I felt like I had found a home here. Every person in the company impacted me, encouraged my efforts as a dance major doubled with psychology, and taught me valuable lessons. I have only taken 7 technique courses so far, and I look forward to more!

7 days


SIX DAYS – Six formal, self-scheduled, Final Exams
I am grateful for the way this school and my academically brilliant friends have helped shape me as a student. During finals, there is a collective air of stress, cooperation, and encouragement. I also love telling my non-ASC friends about the wonders of self-scheduled exams. ASC is a special place that trusts its students to be responsible with their time and academically honest.

6 days


FIVE DAYS – Five days a week that I get to attend classes
Monday through Friday I get to learn from passionate professors. My largest class has about 40 students in it, and my smallest has 10. (We all fit into an elevator together.) Professors at ASC have an obvious love for the subjects they teach and show genuine interest in their students’ success, both in and out of the classroom. The learning environment of a small classroom creates a high demand for academic performance and opportunities for personal relationships. One of my professors (of said 10 person class) remembered another student’s and my birthdays and brought cupcakes she had baked, just because! I am so grateful for the relationships I have with my professors and the five days a week I get to spend learning from them, even at 8:30 am.

5 days


FOUR DAYS – Four Classes (and Four Semesters down, Four to go!)
At a small school like Agnes, classes (senior, junior, etc.) are easily intermingled. This creates an all-inclusive, conglomerate environment that is very special to this place. You also have a special bond with your “sister class” in the grade two years above or below you. Each class definitely has its own personality, however! Many ASC traditions revolve around the 4 separate classes on campus, one of my favorites being Black Cat! Each class has a color, mascot, and competes together against other years in competitions similar to a Greek Week on larger campuses.
ASC does not have traditional Greek life, because at a place so small, your year is basically your sorority! Growing together as a class is a large part of what this weekend is about for sophomores. It is a celebration of our time together thus far, a look forward to 2 more years together, and a welcome into the even larger ASC family, aka the Black Ring Mafia.

4 days


THREE DAYS – Three Meals a Day
Today is a message in gratitude for the exceptional staff at Agnes. From the dining hall staff who has braved snow and ice to care for students during Snowpocalypse 2014 to the Center for Student Engagement staff who serves an exceptional number of pancakes in the pre-exam Pancake Jam, and the many other ASC staff whose work may be less obvious, but no less appreciated. Every student on campus has been positively impacted by one or more ASC staff in financial aid, the registrar, the wellness center, IT, or otherwise. Always grateful for the people who help keep the school going.

3 daysszlaczek

TWO DAYS – Two years down, Two years to go!
There were so many things I could say for two, the two classes I’ve taken towards my other major, psychology; two snow adventures on campus; two Black Cats; the two deserts served a day…but we don’t need to talk about that…I chose two years because it is a large part of what this weekend is about, especially for me.
Two women in my family attended ASC and taught me that it was a school, not a person, well both.
Two years ago, I came to Scholars Weekend, that heavily affected my choice to come here.
Two years down, and many memories made.
Two years to go, and many more memories to be made.

2 days


Time for… Sophomore Ring Ceremony 2015







Photo credits go to: Miller Lansing, Tanvi Mehta, Radhika Rao and Center for Student Engagement.

Will you join the Black Ring Mafia one day?


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