Love at First Sight

Greetings from the beautiful Agnes Scott!

The calendar of our first year students will soon mark one month of their stay at Agnes Scott. They have passed the most difficult moment which was starting the new chapter of their life as a college student. Me and my friends who have been here for a while keep telling our first-years that it will only get better and more exciting from now on.

I asked a couple of new international students about their first impressions of the college. The particular feeling that they agree on is that “Agnes Scott is beautiful.” Is it love at first sight?

Evie from China

My favorite class: Musical Elements in Global Perspective. One thing I have learned so far was harmonic singing – producing two notes simultaneously.

Agnes Scott to me: Beautiful, Antique, Diverse

Atlanta to me: Eventful, Modern, Vibrant

I look forward to: The Ring Ceremony in my sophomore year when I will officially become a member of the “Black Ring Mafia” .


Juni from Norway (third from the left)

My favorite class: Introduction to Sociology. The professor is great and she gives many interesting readings. For example, we have learned that we are always interacting with our surroundings and that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.

Agnes Scott to me: Beautiful, Energetic, Busy

Atlanta to me: Grand, Global, Artsy

Decatur to me: Charming, Trendy, Innovative

I look forward to: First-Year Travel Experience through Summit


Peace Grace from Rwanda

My favorite class: Introduction to World Politics. I have learned about different political systems, such as liberalism and realism. The class also gives me a chance to learn about what is going on in governments around the world.

Agnes Scott to me:  Beautiful, Engaging, Mind Opening

Atlanta to me: Very green (like my country), Different, Full of Opportunities

I look forward to: My graduation because I picture myself having a great experience in the next four years and finishing with a set of new skills. 


Sherica from Jamaica

My favorite class: Sociology. I appreciate this class because it has showed me the importance of being open-minded and tolerant of others in my life. 

Agnes Scott to me: Beautiful, Accepting, Diverse

Atlanta to me: Busy, Cosmopolitan, Fascinating

I look forward to: Gaining a leadership position, earning good grades and making people around me happy to have met me.


I look forward to chatting with these student throughout the academic year and hearing more about their experiences at Agnes Scott. If you happen to have any questions for the first-year students, myself or Scotties in general please feel free to email them to

Karolina Klimczak ’16

The International Fellow


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