100 years ago at Agnes Scott…

Have you heard about Black Cat Week yet? It has been one of the biggest traditions at Agnes Scott for exactly 100 years. In simple  terms, Black Cat is a week of competitions between all four classes (first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors) in various activities including sports, trivia, songs and dances. The true importance and spirit that Black Cat holds for the Scotties, though, is very difficult to describe. Have a look at a few pictures from some of this year’s events to get an idea of what Black Cat means to us.





Every first-year class is assigned one of four colors that represent them until graduation. These colors and the mascots chosen by each class are all manifested around campus during the Black Cat week. It gets colorful…



field day

For active students, Black Cat offers competition in “serious” sports. This year it was Quidditch.



“Hands down, the best part of Black Cat is Junior Production! This event happens on the night before the Black Cat dance. All of the classes come together, dressed in their class colors, to perform their unique songs and dances, and then the junior class puts on a play that usually follows the theme of what is means to be a Scottie. I love being thoroughly impressed by the creative geniuses that I get to call my classmates!” – Gianni L. Rodriguez ’17


My favorite part about Black Cat week? It is seeing that students at Agnes Scott, who are usually very focused on their academic and professional goals, have a chance to express their creative minds and participate in team activities which tightens bonds and friendships among students. I am proud to be a member of our Agnes Scott family.

I invite you to also visit my posts about the Black Cat festivities from last year and from two years ago to see what the celebrations have been like in the past.

Karolina Klimczak ’16

The International Fellow


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