Holiday Season at Agnes Scott

Happy December from Agnes Scott!

Although the semester is coming to an end and Scotties are busy preparing to take their final exams next week, it is still an exciting and eventful time of the year. First of all, our cultural organizations host educational events about different kind of winter holidays that bring students from all backgrounds together in celebration of this special season.


Happy Hannukah!


¡Feliz Día de los Tres Reyes Magos!


Happy Kwanzaa!

Another interesting event that happened this week around the International Human Rights Day was a collaboration between the Human Rights and Art Departments as well as the UNICEF Club. Students were given the opportunity to express what human rights means to them and to share their thoughts with other participants.

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The biggest highlight of this week for our first-year students, though, was learning about the places they will travel to with their classmates as a part of the SUMMIT curriculum next semester.

A couple of first-year students shared with me their excitement about the upcoming adventures:

Summer Bosley ’19: I will be traveling to Jamaica for a week next spring through Agnes Scott. I’m ready for a chance to experience such a diverse culture and learn about past and present traditions.

Evie Wang’19 (China): I will be traveling to New York City in the spring with my classmates to explore the field of Art and Theatre. As a Theatre major, I am really excited about this trip, and I look forward to seeing a show on Broadway, where I can witness a performance by top-notch actors and to be inspired by their work.

I am very excited for my first-year Scotties. Where would you like for SUMMIT to take you?

Karolina Klimczak ‘16

The International Fellow


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