Art in the Air, My Agnes Scott (Decatur|Atlanta) Experience

Happy last week of the 2015 fall semester at Agnes Scott!

Joy Funmi Akinfenwa ’16 from Nigeria was so kind to share a little bit about some of the activities that she likes to do outside of studying. Her post should be especially exciting for artistic students who are hoping to continue their hobbies while at college.

Joy: I refer to Sundays here in Decatur as “Spoken Word Sundays.” The day seems livelier; the sun peeks through the clouds, making ​it one of those days that you just cannot spend indoors. By evening, the sun-kissed day turns to night, the echos that roamed earlier are calmer; people are raiding the streets hoping to grab a seat for the show. The coffee shop serves teas, and to my delight, they serve me a Jamaican Red Rooibos. It’s bitter and sweet, similar to the piece that I am about to perform on stage:


“Who’s gonna to tell them

That There are 24 of us

Placed into this box

This four cornered box


Who’s gonna tell them

That in this box we share two things in common

The lack of space

And that we are all crayons”


I share pieces of my poetry at Java Monkey, one of the many cafes in Decatur. I love these nights in the coffee shop, filled with excitement as people from all over the Decatur and Atlanta area sit and listen to the artists who gather the courage to stand and share. I am one of those individuals. It is moments like these during spoken word performances in the coffee shop, that truly allow me to continue my hobbies. Being at Agnes Scott, I have been given many opportunities to live my life beyond the educational track that I love so much, by gaining exposure to the artistic community both in Atlanta and Decatur. Such exposure has further deepened my love for the arts.

(Check this LINK to see Joy perform. She is the first artist in the video.)

Performing at Java Monkey can be quite a thrilling experience. However, my week cannot be complete without many other key elements. For example, occasionally on Monday mornings I take a hot yoga class. Sometimes I ride my bike from Decatur to my favorite yoga studio in Downtown Atlanta. This is a great escape from the daily routine for me. As an artist it provides the perfect balance for my life, and allows for me to hone my element.

Yoga session- in the picture, Joy is in the forefront, with the black scarf.

So I enjoy the spoken word Sundays and the hot yoga Mondays, but Friday is by far my favorite day of the week. It is show day because it is when I get to watch live shows in the Atlanta area with my theater-savvy friends. On a very lucky night one can grab tickets to see a big-caliber show like “The Lion King” at The Fox Theater. Other times, I enjoy seeing a show at Whole World Improv Theatre. The day can either wind down with some Thai tea that I grab with my friends in a local restaurant in Decatur or by joining my vocally gifted roommate at an underground show that gives potential to up and coming artists with the opportunity to perform their works in front of a live audience.

There is plenty to see and much to do with the arts here at and around Agnes Scott. The activities that I engage in at and outside of Agnes Scott allow me to keep my hobbies and interests alive. I hope that when you get here, you also will find the things that you love most and ways to keep exploring these interests.

Thank you, Joy, for sharing what an example of your week looks like!

Are there activities that you like to do and hope to continue doing while at college? Feel free to email me at with your ideas and questions!


Karolina Klimczak ’16

The International Fellow



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