Wrapping Up (In a Sweater) The Fall Semester

There is something special about this time of the year. Yes, it can be stressful to manage the busy schedule of final exams and to complete all the assignments. However, at the same time we can finally see the big picture of everything we learned during the entire semester. It is a very rewarding feeling and it also reminds me of the great privilege that I have pursuing my education at Agnes Scott College.

My favorite part of this time is that I get to share it with an incredible community of young women and our mentors. In the midst of running around to finish this semester strong (and to stay warm in chilly December weather), every year Scotties gather at the President’s Holiday Dinner to celebrate the end of the year. During dinner, President Kiss helps us to reflect on everything that we have experienced in the past months and to encourage gratitude for it. She is also so patient and kind enough to let everybody take a picture with her in front of the big Christmas tree that stands proudly in our Evans Dining Hall each year.


(photos courtesy of Agnes Scott College)

As current Scotties head to a winter break, here is a reminder for everybody applying to Agnes Scott for next year: the deadline for Early Action II, to be eligible for all of our merit based scholarships, is January 15. The deadline for Regular Decision is March 15. In case you have any immediate questions please email admission@agnesscott.edu.

Good luck and see you on AgnesUpClose in 2016!

Karolina Klimczak ’16

The International Fellow


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