Dumpling Party Experience

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to celebrate Chinese New Year as a Chinese student away from home, or as a non-Chinese international student, or even as a domestic student in the U.S.?

Let’s hear from some participants of the dumpling party we had on the Eve of Chinese New Year!

Juni Lie ‘19 (Norway): It was a great experience celebrating the Lunar New Year at Agnes. I had never made or tried dumplings before, but they were so delicious. The best part was that we all made them together! I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the traditions of my Chinese friends.

Mengyao ‘19 (China): It is my first time to spend and plan a dumpling party of Chinese New Year overseas. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any nostalgia when having so many friends here accompanying me to celebrate together. And I also feel so delighted that everything ran so smoothly and successfully with everyone’s help. I feel another kind of kinship bond here at Agnes Scott.

Zhang Huiming ‘19 (China): As the person who was always cooking the dumplings in the kitchen, I do not know how the dumpling party went for others. But I still felt excited and honored the first time I could cook over ten pots of dumplings for not only Chinese but also Americans. In the past, I was the one who only enjoyed food, but now I have become the person who serves and contributes.

Avery Moore ‘19: I had a wonderful time at the Chinese New Year dumpling making party. As the night went on, it was nice laughing with new and old friends about the shape of my dumplings and so exciting to see how by the end of the night my dumplings looked a little more edible, and my stomach became more full and sore from all of the food and laughter.

Isn’t it wonderful that students from different backgrounds and ethnicities came together to celebrate and learn? Again, we wish you a happy and fruitful Lunar New Year!


Evie Wang ‘19

Admission Student Assistant


(Image taken from http://cnyca.net/php/)


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