Welcome Spring! Welcome Sophomores to the Black Ring Mafia!

Atlanta in February welcomes the first signs of spring. The Black Ring Mafia in February welcomes a whole new class of sophomores. The Sophomore Ring Ceremony is an important tradition at Agnes Scott that officially marks the community membership of the sophomores.  What makes it so special is the black onyx ring that distinguishes the bond and network of students and alumni that we call the “Black Ring Mafia.” I asked a few sophomores what the celebration means to them and here are their impressions:


DeJa Cornelius: Joining the Black Ring Mafia was a very emotional experience for me. I really felt welcomed into this sisterhood of inspiring women. It’s a bond that I will always cherish.

Evelyn Wronkowski: This year’s Ring Ceremony truly was a collaborative effort from the Center for Student Involvement, the sophomore class officers and the first-year volunteers. The speakers reinforced the idea that the ring bonds us with past and future generations of Scotties. It is a reminder that there are people who want you to succeed and who are willing to help you do it.

Sara Belbase: My black onyx ring provides me a sense of empowerment; it is the emblem of my education, my independence, and my endurance.


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Photo courtesy of Maya Brooks ’18, Saamiya Gill ’18 and Evelyn Wronkowski ’18.

You can often hear Scotties share a story about meeting somebody who is wearing a black onyx ring somewhere in the world and making an instant connection with the fellow Black Ring Mafia member. If you ever see a ring like that, don’t hesitate to approach the Scottie.
If you like the tradition, feel free to read about the ceremony from last year and two years ago.

Karolina Klimczak ’16

International Fellow


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