The Arts at Agnes Scott By Shriya Bhattacharya


At Agnes Scott College the arts are a huge part of students’ experiences here as it empowers students to hone their individual expression, engage in a productive dialogue with their peers, and think creatively!

The art department provides fantastic opportunities to participate in faculty-led Global Awareness or Global Connections programs as well as semester-long and year-long opportunities abroad to study studio art and art history in places like France, Italy, Spain, etc. There is no substitute for seeing great works of art in person so classes will also sometimes take field trips to places like the High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta! One of my favorite places on campus is the Dalton Gallery, which hosts shows of historical and contemporary art works and incorporates at least one student exhibition each year.

“Coming into Agnes, I knew I wanted to pursue my passion for art, with a focus on painting. The Agnes Scott Art Department has helped me develop as an artist and find my personal style, allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone with projects and mediums I had never been exposed to, and provided me with the opportunity to interact with artists of many different fields – both local and international.” – Kristina Terziyska

The music department at Agnes Scott encourages appreciation of  both Western and Eastern music and places a big focus on the contributions of women in the music world. The music curriculum offers you a balance of performance, theory and history, including courses in ethnomusicology and world music. While students at conservatories prefer a strict focus on one discipline, Agnes Scott students tend to have broad interests, which means that many music majors choose double majors or pursue meaningful co-curricular interests like basketball or tutoring science alongside their music. The small classes also gives the students numerous opportunities to perform and more one-on-one time with experienced music professors like Dr. Solomon, who conducts the orchestra and chamber ensemble. The Agnes Scott Acapella group called the Luchsingers also gives a performance every semester and frequently performs covers of popular songs, to the great enjoyment of the audience! The Agnes Scott Choir also performs regularly on campus and visits community spaces and churches in the Atlanta area.

“Music has been a part of my life since a young age, and as a person who continuously wants to improve, the music department has been a facility that provides this service to me through lessons. They are all so passionate about what they do, and really care about students’ progress and well-being. Being a science major, having this musical passion and outlet is just another way for me to grow as a student and as a person.” -Karina Leung

The theater curriculum at Agnes Scott integrates theory, history and practice, including foundational training in acting, directing, dramatic writing and design, and culminates in a senior capstone project. The college also boasts of the Blackfriars, which is a volunteer student theater organization, to create a student-centered production program that encourages individual leadership and responsibility. The theater department puts up a show every semester, and students have the opportunity to not only act, but direct, write, and work backstage. Their shows like The Emperor’s’ New Clothes and Just Girls Talking usually have  the audience rolling in laughter!

“The theater program at Agnes Scott College is small but mighty and is not limited to only theater majors. I’m a dual degree nursing major with Emory University but I have been able to participate in every show I have auditioned for, which is proof that Scotties are active in disciplines outside their major.” Katy Martel

The dance program at Agnes Scott College Dance promotes self-examination and self-discipline, and creates an environment that stimulates every student to realize her full creative potential. I love it because it teaches you essential skills such as confidence, teamwork, compassion, and much more! The curriculum combines jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance Studio Dance Theater, which is Agnes Scott College’s official dance company, is made up of very diverse group of dancers from all different kinds of backgrounds and levels of dance experience. The company travels to a few dance conferences around the country, such as the one hosted by the American College Dance Association (ACDA). Last year it was held at Emory University and we were able to proceed to semi-finals with our performance “There Is”  and perform at the Georgia Tech Ferst Center where many major dance companies have captivated audiences.

“The Agnes Scott College dance program is unique mainly because of the inclusivity of the whole environment. You are given multiple opportunities to grow your craft through exposure to not only technique classes but also courses like Labanotation and Choreography. I have been challenged to think outside of what I believed the purpose of dance was, and appreciate it not only as an art but also for a vehicle for change.” Sarah Murray


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