A Community Beyond Campus

At Agnes Scott College, it is very easy to feel welcomed because from the minute you step onto campus, there is a supportive environment all around you. Coming to Agnes Scott from India, I was apprehensive about how the environment would be since I did not really know what American college life was like. I could not have been more surprised. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating that for a long time after I arrived, I was suspicious of how nice everyone was, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am still waiting!

While giving campus tours and talking to prospective students, I often like to mention that every single time I step onto campus, I immediately get this sense of relief and all the tension leaves my body. I can’t quite explain this feeling, but I suppose it is because I am accepted for who I am here, and that the campus truly is a “no judgement” zone. Our college welcomes students that hold various political, cultural, and social beliefs, and regularly holds different programs that cater to the different needs of students.

Agnes Scott’s gathering supporting National Blacout Day for racial justice and equality

We recently had National Blackout Day to promote the Black Lives Matter movement. And our incredible President Kiss regularly holds open office hours where students can drop by and talk to her about anything academic related or share personal concerns they have. At what other institution would you be able to walk into the office of the President and have her smile and offer you one of her homemade biscuits?

The sense of support is further strengthened by the connections you make at Agnes Scott College. As an international relations major, I am currently doing a mentorship program with an Agnes Scott alumnae who is now a political science professor. We maintain regular correspondence and I believe that this shows how the support beyond campus.

As international students, it is difficult for us to arrange what to do over holidays and breaks since our homes are so far away. However, this past Thanksgiving break, many Agnes Scott college graduates living in and around the Atlanta area graciously opened their homes to students. It is instances like these that really make me feel loved by the community here, and grateful that I am a representative of this institution.

By Shriya Bhattacharya, Class of 2018

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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