Tree Decorating at President Kiss’s Home!

President Kiss’s Tree after Decoration

How close can you be with your college president? At Agnes Scott, almost every student gets more than one chance to talk to President Elizabeth Kiss in a personal setting, yet the international students are even more blessed – we get to decorate an enormous Christmas tree in her house every year while eating delicate festive snacks! It is the 11th year of this lovely tradition. If you’ve gotten to participate before, share your experience in the comments!

Every year’s decoration is a special event, even more so this year because of the storm outside the cozy house. According to President Kiss, it was  the worst weather ever for this event to take place, however the turnout was still comfortably nice. In addition to the uninvited storm, this year a photographer also joined us for the party, bringing us the surprise that this event has been chosen as the Agnes Scott Holiday Feature Event! Watch the video the ASC international tree decorating was featured in below.

During this event, you may be impressed by the terrific collection of Scottie ornaments President Kiss has collected over the years, or you may fall in love with the cheesecake cups and Christmas cookies. I personally enjoyed the conversations the most, which happened after the tree was  beautifully decorated. All participants, including the international students, the college staff members, and President Kiss, sat in a circle and chatted about Christmas or new year traditions at home. President Kiss herself comes from a Hungarian background and had a lot to share about her childhood!

This tradition is one of the many wonderful traditions we have at Agnes Scott, and one of the few ways that the whole community comes together to make international students feel right at home.

Written By: Tiantian Ciel Zhang ’18
Hometown: Nantong, Jiangsu, China


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