“It is not down in any map true places never are.”– Herman Melville

Spring at Agnes Scott means so much more than the sunshine and blossoms you see on the #2 most beautiful campus in the US. The zeal and smile of  Scotties is spread to many corners in the world, bringing the pastoral Decatur spring to snowy Canada and the arid Navajo Nation. Want to know what the First Year Global Journeys are about? Let’s hear from a few international Scotties who just got back from their journey!

Yuxin Zheng ’20 (Shanghai, China):

1My Journeys trip took me to Morocco, an Islamic country in North Africa. Walking through the ancient medina of Fez and along modern French boulevards in Casablanca, I explored Moroccan history, European colonialism and contemporary Moroccan cultural identity. One of my most memorable moments was in the Hassan II Mosque where I gazed upon the ceiling. It was a balanced combination of three architectural styles: traditional Arab, Andalusian from Southern Spain and French Art Deco from the colonial period. I was amazed that different cultures came together and created unique beauty in this country. Moroccan streets were also vibrant and diverse. During the day, I heard people hustling around and uttering words in French, Arabic, Spanish, English and other languages unrecognizable to me. Within a few days, I picked up small words and short phrases in French and Arabic. Here in Morocco, I not only learned about a new culture, but also started to think about how colonialism, globalization and cultural diversity are interrelated, and how they shape cities, inspire art and give people their identities.

Sybil Liu ’20 (Hunan, China):

Upon arrival at the Santiago airport, we are greeted by the view of Andes mountains under a clear, sunny sky. As we traveled through Santiago and Valparaiso in the following week, we enjoyed countless wonderful scenes, both man-made and natural ones. Everywhere we walked, we could see the interesting juxtaposition between colonial architecture that reminds one of Chile’s history and contemporary street art that is charged with much creative energy.

222As the topic for #JourneysChile is the study of literature, film, and arts under the context of dictatorship, we spent most of our time meeting with poets, visiting museums, memorial sites, and the three houses of Pablo Neruda, one of the most well-known Chilean poets. The most memorable visits for me is the conversation with Manolo Paredes, who is a detainment camp survivor. He shared stories of his experience in the camp, talked about his involvement in past and current political activities,and answered questions from us. It is definitely exciting and meaningful for me, who grew up in a country with strong communism background, to meet a communist coming from an entirely different ethnic and cultural environment, and hear about his perspectives on how individuals can play a part in building the future of their country.


Feeling tempted? Check this out to see where Summit can take YOU!


For more photos like these below  and information about the Global Journeys 2017, please visit this libguide.


We look forward to watching you map the world through SUMMIT.

Tiantian Ciel Zhang & Peace Grace Umutesi

The International Fellows


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