SpARC, Another Celebration of Spring

As we cling onto the tail of the spring semester, a very special day called “SpARC” awaits you: classes canceled, everybody professionally dressed, and all headed to the Bullock Science Center. What is happening?

SpARC, standing for Spring Annual Research Conference, is a campus-wide academic conference specifically designed for students to present their individual researches to the rest of the campus community. All sessions happen in Bullock, where all the vibrancy concentrate on this very day. Since it is toward the end of a school year, all the hard work has paid off and gets to blossom in the process of sharing.

You might ask, what do y’all present on?

The short answer is, whatever you have been working on over the school year.

The long answer is, it can be academic and scientific research, senior thesis, service project, reading from creative writing, dance performance, or concert. Let’s take a look at some of them, especially the scholars from the international student community!

Qinyu Xu’17 (on the right) presented on her historical research, “Japanese and Chinese Policies toward Jewish Refugees in Shanghai During the Holocaust,“ along with her friend, Siqi You’17 (on the left), who presented on her economic research “The Impact of Female Immigration on US Self-Employment Before and After 2008 Economic Crisis.” Both Qinyu and Siqi are international students from China.

SpARC pic 1

Katy Brooke’18, winner of the Math Ball this year, is also awarded with Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Award from the Math Department on the day of SpARC! Congrats, Katy! Katy is an international student from Zimbabwe.

SpARC pic2

Peace Grace Umutesi’19 (first from the right) presented along with her housemates from the Theme House “Home Away From Home” on their year-long living-learning project on bringing cultural diversity to campus. On this picture, Juni Lie’19 (second to the right) is from Norway, Mengyao (Sylvia) Li’19(Third from the right) is from China, and Tisiya Mahoro’19 (fourth from the right) is from Uganda. Peace Grace, our Global Ambassador, is a proud Scottie from Rwanda.

SpARC pic3

Let’s again congratulate these beautiful folks! If you were to present on SpARC, what will your topic be?


Your Global Ambassador,

Tiantian Ciel Zhang’18


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