Awarded the Hubert Scholarship to change her community–Peace Grace

IMG_6152 (1)

This year, I was awarded the Hubert Scholarship. Established by the Hubert Charitable Trust, the Hubert Scholars program at Agnes Scott is designed to encourage careers in public service and provides funding for summer internships of 200-plus hours serving the needs of others – for food, medical attention, education or spiritual support.  I am excited and very honored because this scholarship will help me achieve my personal goals to give back to my community. During this summer, I will be working closely with an organisation called Imbuto Foundation that was created by Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, the first lady of Rwanda. This organisation deals with education, health , youth, and socio-economic issues. With their support and supervision, I will be able to contribute to youth development in the education department.

As a Hubert Scholar, I will bring change to my community and involve myself with the training of young women in different high schools. This training will involve lessons on gender, women’s rights, and genocide prevention. With the help and the supervision of Imbuto Foundation and bridge2Rwanda, I will be able to work closely with a group I co-founded in high school called Females’ Solidarity Legacy as a way of bringing young women together, and expand the feminism movement in Rwanda. To achieve this, I will be visiting different high schools in Rwanda and expose the discussion of feminism to a larger audience and  enhance women’s capacity in leadership and social justice movements.

I believe that women are naturally passionate and powerful, even more so under enough encouragement and fostering. Therefore, I am grateful to have been accepted to the Hubert Scholarship because it grants me this opportunity to inspire those from my generation and create more agents of change in my home country.


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