Black Cat Week

Black Cat Week marks an important time for traditions on the Agnes Scott campus. It is arguable the most important time on campus for any Scottie student! For first year students, this marks the point in time where they reveal their class mascot to the other classes and officially welcomes them as members of the Agnes Scott community. In fact, the first year mascot is something of a mystery for a month and upper-class students will try their hardest to figure out what the mascot is before Black Cat Week. It’s a fun challenge for everyone. (This year, the mascot was discovered prior to Black Cat Week, much to the chagrin of the first year class, the Scottie’s Angels.)

Rushing the Quad kicks off Black Cat Week at midnight, when students run out and decorate the main lawn with ridiculous items, from couches to signs to even mannequins! For an entire week, the campus is decorated.


Rushing the Quad
Rushing the Quad

Other Black Cat traditions include Hub Sing, in which  students gather together and sing popular traditional songs unique to Agnes Scott. There is also Bonfire, where an actual fire is lit in front of the Alston Student Center and the different classes come dressed as their mascots and class colors. This year,the graduating class of 2018 are the Rosie Riveters (color: red), the class of 2019 are the Sprites (color: green), the class of 2020 are the Visionaries (color:blue), and the first-year class of 2021 are the Angels (color: yellow).



Field Day marks a day of competitive games between the classes, with teams for each class turning out in their class colours to try to win against other classes. It’s a fun day of good sportsmanship and friendly rivalry!


Black Cat Week comes to a joyful close with the Black Cat Formal. This is so much fun because everyone dresses up and the school puts on an amazing dance! It is the biggest social event on campus for the year. This year, the event was off-campus at a beautifully decorated venue in Midtown Atlanta. They had food, from crab cakes to taquitos, and a super fun photo-booth to take silly photos with friends. I think it’s safe to say that Black Cat Week is the most anticipated week of the year for any Scottie!

Black Cat Formal, from Left to Right: Emily Smith ’20, Erika McDonnell (Global Fellow) ’19, and Madelyn Haulotte ’20

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