And Wake the Purple Year

Lo! where the rosy-bosom’d Hours,

Fair Venus’ train appear,

Disclose the long-expecting flowers,

And wake the purple year!

                —Thomas Gray, “Ode on the Spring”(1742)


Welcome back, Scotties!

As someone who stayed on campus for the winter can attest to, I have to say that it is exhilarating to see Agnes Scott filled with vigorous students again. While the Class of 2021 is looking forward to their upcoming Global Journeys and many upper-class students their semester abroad or research, I, a member of the Class of 2018, am facing the approaching graduation, which is more bitter than sweet if I were honest.

Beyond the individual level, Agnes Scott is also looking forward to a new episode in her history with our beloved President Elizabeth Kiss stepping down from her position. Last Tuesday, Agnes Scott  named former Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Leocadia I. Zak to be her 9th college president. A proud graduate of a women’s college as well, President-elect Zak received warm applause from the campus community and responded to the welcome with compelling promise for the future. More details about her appointment, please visit the student report on Her Campus or official press release on Atlanta Journal Constitution.

What do you look forward to in the spring of 2018?


Tiantian Ciel Zhang’18

International Fellow


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