Bell Ringing on a Friday Morning

Happy Friday! Greetings from sunny Decatur upon the completion of our first full week of classes of Spring 2018!

At Agnes Scott, Fridays are more than a harbinger of weekends. Every Friday morning, especially in spring, is lightened by the sound of a bell from the Main Bell Tower. This mysterious bellringer is always a student – but never the same student – who has received good news for the construction of her future career. This good news can be an offer from a graduate school or an employer, sometimes they are prestigious fellowship programs that continue their pursuit after a specific cause during their time at Agnes Scott.

Upon their announcement of positive aspirations, the whole campus is able to join in celebration of their achievement. I have personally engaged in a number of these celebrations, among them quite a few heroines of the day are international.

Today, we are celebrating Huda Khwaja’18 who is accepted with scholarship to the International Law and Human Rights JD program at Northeastern University’s School of Law. Huda is one of my dearest friends who has completed her undergraduate work at Agnes Scott at the age of 18 and is already furthering on her trail of miracles. Let’s congratulate Huda!!


To see more bellringers and where they went, please check out this link!


Your Global Ambassador,

Tiantian Ciel Zhang’18


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