Anoushka Pant’19 & Her Summer with Hubert Scholarship

This year, the prestigious award of international community services, Hubert Scholarship, is awarded to Anoushka Pant’19, a current international student from India at Agnes Scott. This past summer, Anoushka interned with the Association for Social and Health Advancement (ASHA) in Murshidabad, India, where she carried out field visits and investigations of the local communities’ concerns in socioeconomic and health sectors.

Anoushka specifically worked with farmers and workers involved with the production of beedi (also spelled bidi or biri), a traditional type of cigarette in India. As one of the iconic export products of India, beedi accounts for almost $3,000,000 of India’s export sector and greatly affects the health conditions of its producers, as Anoushka observed. Even more importantly, as beedi’s price rose over the past decade, the size of beedi export shrank in response and posed significant economic constraint for the producers. As Anoushka deepened her understanding of the socioeconomic and health concerns for the local community, she also came to realize the impact of NGO projects.

beedi-making, photo credit to

Reflecting on this experience, Anoushka said: “This experience helped me immerse back into the culture and roots of my birthplace and helped me create change agents in their community through different engagements and capacity building workshops I held. This was an eye opening experience and really helped me with my personal growth.”

Anoushka is also the Vedica Scholar of her class, a scholarship awarded to aspiring young women from India who possess academic excellence and leadership potential.

In addition to Anoushka, many international students have also taken advantage of the opportunity provided by Hubert Scholarship and have enriched their summer experiences with rewarding and meaningful work around the world, including our previous International Fellow Peace Grace Umutesi’19. With Hubert Scholarship, a student can carry out an internship or a self-designed social work project that answers to the cause that excites them.


Now, what excites you?


From Your Global Ambassador,

Tiantian Ciel Zhang’18


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