Ring Ceremony, 2018

When it comes to answering “what excites you in the Spring semester,” the answer for a lot of sophomore Scotties is the Ring Ceremony.

Happened this year on Saturday, February 17, the 2018 Ring Ceremony hosted 178 students in receiving their rings. In addition to the impressive number of participants, family members, friends, and alumnae filled the Gaines Chapel to its upstairs balcony, all gazing compassionately at the stage where proud Scotties walked over with their new rings.

As the speaker of the ceremony, Kate Kaufman predicted, there emerged hundreds of pictures on social media “that all look the same – with the same joy and pride” immediately after the ceremony. Coincidentally, the floral tree in front of Inman Hall started to blossom in this warm early spring; many Scotties were able to gather under the tree and show off their rings alongside their beautiful campus.

To a Scottie, any Scottie, the receiving of the black onyx ring means so much that one would hesitate to explain with words. It signifies their induction into the Black Ring Mafia, in which a sisterhood is assumed as soon as the ring is spotted. From each member of this “secret” society, there is probably a thread of ring stories to tell, let it be an encounter during a trip abroad, a helping hand in a non-profit volunteer project, or a pleasant grin from the interviewer of your first job. The geographic width of this ring distribution is beyond surprising, while the onyx square design stayed the same for over 70 years.

Following is a picture of a current senior, Maya Brooks’18, who encountered two Scotties during her study abroad adventure in France:

from Instagram @mocha_maya

If domestic students are the ones bringing the rings abroad from home, the international students are bringing them abroad *back* home. In either direction, the black ring sisterhood is only to be further globalized in the future with thriving vigor of a sustained legacy.

Anoushka Pant’19 from India


Are you, my international comrade, ready to be a Scottie and join this legacy?


P.S. Your Global Ambassadors, Ciel’18 and Erika’19, both got rings this Saturday! Each of us is still bathed in pride and happiness.


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