Another Way to Prepare for Midterms…

As the spring breeze knocks flower buds into blossoms, the week of midterm exams and due dates is quietly clouding over Scotties’ colorful life. Feeling stressed? This is what I did for a easier transition into the week:

1. Go to a cat cafe

Cat cafes are a fairly new establishment in the United States, but Atlanta is already way ahead of the game. Java Cats Cafe is the first and so far biggest cat cafe in Atlanta, conveniently located at 8 minutes walking distance from the King Memorial MARTA station. This weekend, my fellow Scottie Zoe’18 went with me to this lovely space to pet cats and destress. It only takes an hour with cats to alleviate one’s worries for the whole week to come – I’d say it’s a great bargain!

Java Cats Cafe is not only a drink service with cats, it is also an adoption center for all the cats it houses. Many of them are rescued from the streets, spayed/neutered and vaccinated by the staff at Java Cats Cafe, and are still up for adoptions!


2. Midterm is also the season of student theatrical productions, and the month of February is famous for its interactive kids show. Many of these productions are completely directed by students; among these rising directors you might spot your friend, and I did!

Students Performing; *not the production mentioned here*

This year’s production, coincidentally, is also about cats. My professors brought their children to attend as well, and trust me, a casual conversation with your professor can help you so much in the next few days!

3. Cook!

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you know my immediate alter of stress-relieving is the kitchen. Luckily, I share an apartment with a few of my best friends who also enjoy cooking; our communal time in the kitchen is more than heartening of a bonding experience. Here are just a few things we made together:

In case you are still suspecting – yes, we are an Asian household and we are more than welcoming to Scotties who are up for a taste of our joint efforts!


What do you do to destress for midterms?


Your Global Ambassador,

Tiantian Ciel Zhang’18


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