Spring Pathways of the World-Besotted Traveler – part 1 –

In the exhilarated spirit of celebrating my last spring break in college – and probably the last 2-week spring break in my life – I had the hardest time deciding where to go and what to do. At last, I settled on 5 major destinations and here is how they went:

  1. The Home Away from Home: Atlanta, GA

It might take a moment or two after midterms for a Scottie to remember what a beautiful surrounding they have thrown themselves into upon their decision of coming to Agnes Scott. The natural vibrance as well as urban attractions invade from the corner of your eyes and thereupon grasp your gaze. Unresisting, I went and caught the end of the fashion exhibition by a Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei at SCAD Fash, a fashion museum associated with Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the 19 institutions Scotties can cross-register at.

Guo Pei, “Blue & Porcelain”

Conveniently, my birthday also happens to be in the beginning of March; what’s even better is that I have the best roommates in the world who celebrated for me with a surprise party. We shared a fluffy cheesecake and strawberry sparkling water, but most importantly our time together.

Cheesecake from Just Cheesecake

In addition to the above, my history professor took the entire class out for lunch and bubble tea. Our class title is Modern China through Literature and Film, which lends itself to exciting dining table conversations. This is just one of the many ways your professor connects personally with you!

unnamed2. A glimpse into Grad School Life: Bloomington, IN

Back in the beginning of February, I received an offer for the Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature at Indiana University Bloomington. Upon their warm invitation for a campus visit, I went and had a look at the academic life beyond Agnes Scott. To my delight, many professors at IU Bloomington recognized my Agnes Scott ring and spoke fondly of the Agnes alumnae they befriended in the past.

IUB Header Image
IU Bloomington Gate

In fact, my trip to IU would have been much less memorable if I didn’t meet up with a friend who formerly attended Agnes Scott. Together, we celebrated memories like this:

Winship Residence Hall at Agnes Scott

There is an overwhelming amount of bittersweetness when it comes to plans after graduation. If you are interested in chatting with me about that, please feel free to leave a comment!

3. Family Matters: St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is the famous arch city in which my father’s best friend and his family live. Three years ago, they introduced me to the rich culture of Chinese American communities and shared with me the different forms of American dream in the immigrant population. It is true sometimes that the best way of studying America exists outside classrooms, and us international Scotties never lack the spirit of an adventurer.


This is me and my friend Anna who just turned 9!



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