Emily-Davis Hamre

Emily-Davis Hamre '15

Emily-Davis graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in History, and currently serves as the admissions counselor for Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Her favorite Agnes Scott tradition is joining the Black Ring Mafia – safe to say, it’s probably the favorite tradition for most Scotties!

In Atlanta, Emily-Davis loves the Starlight Drive-In Theatre and her favorite place to eat in Decatur is Leon’s Full Service, which used to actually be a gas station! When asked what superpower she would like to have, Emily-Davis said the ability to fly. Or to read minds. Or the ability to be invisible. Or the ability to fly invisibly while reading thoughts.

Emily-Davis’ advice for prospective and admitted international students is: “Don’t be afraid to opt for a unique college experience. Everyone has a perfect fit, and yours is not necessarily the same as your friend’s or your family’s. Dare to be explore your options because you never know what you might find!”

You can e-mail Emily-Davis at ehamre@agnesscott.edu.


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