Nazanin Tork

Nazanin Tork is the admissions counselor responsible for the Caribbean, North/Central/South America, Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia, and international transfer students. Hailing from Ohio, Nazanin has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish and a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology.

Nazanin Tork

Her favorite activity is to go restaurant hopping on Buford Highway. (Buford Highway is known in the Atlanta area for its diverse and highly authentic cuisines – the restaurants are nothing fancy, but they’re absolutely fantastic.) Within Decatur, Nazanin is a fan of the Iberian Pig, which is a tapas-style restaurant. Her favorite Agnes Scott tradition is the ringing of the bell and if she could have any superpower, it would be some sort of superhuman healing power – because she says she likes the way it sounds and Wolverine is one of her favorite X-Men.

Nazanin’s advice for prospective international students is: “The path to becoming a global leader will require you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

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