Ring Ceremony, 2018

When it comes to answering “what excites you in the Spring semester,” the answer for a lot of sophomore Scotties is the Ring Ceremony. Happened this year on Saturday, February 17, the 2018 Ring Ceremony hosted 178 students in receiving their rings. In addition to the impressive number of participants, family members, friends, and alumnae... Continue Reading →


Anoushka Pant’19 & Her Summer with Hubert Scholarship

This year, the prestigious award of international community services, Hubert Scholarship, is awarded to Anoushka Pant’19, a current international student from India at Agnes Scott. This past summer, Anoushka interned with the Association for Social and Health Advancement (ASHA) in Murshidabad, India, where she carried out field visits and investigations of the local communities’ concerns... Continue Reading →

Fall Webinars

In the Fall, Team GLOBAL put together a three-week webinar series to showcase to international students what Agnes Scott College has to offer. The series was led by Nazanin Tork and Emily-Davis Hamre, our two admission counselors who are responsible for international students. Along with them, Ciel '18 and myself (Erika '19) co-hosted as current... Continue Reading →

Let it snow!

If you keep up with Agnes Scott College on social media, be it Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, you might have remarked that January 17th and 18th were closed due to "wintry weather conditions". Atlanta received about 2.4 inches of snow and had a windchill of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Roads were slippery, and the number... Continue Reading →

Chat with a current Scottie

Team GLOBAL stands for Greeters, Leaders, Organizers, Brilliant Admission Liaisons and is made up of Agnes Scott student ambassadors who are happy to share with you their experiences as a Scottie. If you would like to ask us any questions or simply chat about Agnes Scott, please write to globaladmission@agnesscott.edu to start a conversation with... Continue Reading →


Have you heard of Summit, the new initiative that Agnes Scott is launching in the fall 2015. It will include two focuses: Global Learning and Leadership Development. As a part of the latter, we have been hosting a series of presentations called "LeaderStories" featuring some exemplary leaders from all around the world. The most recent... Continue Reading →

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