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Greetings from sunny Decatur!

My name is Tiantian Ciel Zhang and I am one of the plenty of Chinese Scotties here at Agnes Scott College. As a Senior with two majors in Economics and English Literature, I am surviving with a kind of passionate intensity that inspires and propels. Just like many other engaging students at Agnes Scott, my everyday life is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. One of the most important pieces is to connect with you, wonderful international perspective Scottie, as the college’s Global Ambassador. Aside from this, I am a tutor at the Center for Writing and Speaking, an editor for the campus newspaper, the Profile, an intern for the 47th Writers’ Festival, a sleep-deprived student, and a happy foodie who dances in the apartment kitchen with her fellow flatmates a.k.a. her best friends.

Studying at Agnes Scott has been one of the few enormous surprises in my life so far. I came in with nothing else but pure curiosity about a modern day women’s college, and then gradually grew into my current self who sincerely appreciates this intelligent community that constantly evolves for the even better. Over the three years I spent here, Agnes Scott has become the only and foremost attachment I have for the United States. Already nostalgic about every memorable corner on campus, I call Agnes Scott “home” with the most endearing reference to the Center for Writing and Speaking, where intelligence from various disciplines meet and sparkle ideas in light of a better world.

Email: tzhang@agnesscott.edu

Wechat ID: Tiantian_C_Zhang

Agnes Scott Weibo Page: weibo.com/agnesscott

Agnes Scott WeChat Official Account: agnesscott




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